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Geocaching: Daily Streak Day 237
Tuesday April 2 2013
Today is my 237 day of caching in a row. I had no idea which cache to go for when I left the house. So I headed on off and along the way I spotted an area to go for. I pull up to the first one and I was 300 feet away so out I jump and start walking. I found out the parking went all the way around and I could have parked 25 feet away. I made the find and had a laugh about the parking. I saw thefab5willisclan had been here a few days ago. The next cache looked to be just behind the animal clinic on the other said of the mall area. As I drove over I pulled up behind the building and got out. Took a short walk in the woods to fine my self at the edge of a hill. Man I do not want to go down the hill because I will have to come up the hill. As I stood there looking I saw a glimpse of a parking lot. I think I will drive around and see if I can get to the cache that way. As I enter the lot and got as close as I could I parked and took off after the cache. It was an easy short 150 feet walk into the woods and I found the container. I signed off and got back in the car, but what I noticed is the log was blank except for fab5's handle. So I gave him a call and found out that I had been talking to him the night he found this one. He went looking after dark and he parked at the top of the hill and walked down. When he arrived the log was missing and the container was empty, he was desperate to find a scrap of paper, any paper to use as a log. He was out, not a receipt, or note or wrapper to be found in those empty pockets. As he likes to sing songs when we are out caching one does come to mind. If the devil dances in empty pockets he'd have a ball in mine. HE THEN HIT THE JACKPOT AND FOUND A LOG AND BAG IN HIS WALLET, which was left over from or last caching trip. We both had a chuckle about it. Well its a good thing to get my cache of the day done before the rain moves in. By noon it was raining and getting colder. I did add another day to my streak and two more smileys to my finds. I should be at 1700 by weeks end and hope to reach 2000 by months end.

Happy caching all, may the weather be fair and the caches loaded.

Geocaching: Daily Streak Day 236
Today is April 1st 2013, April Fools Day, and I found three caches inside my 1000 cache closest to my home location pocket query. You might ask what is that? Well a "pocket query" is a search of geocaching.com for caches. In this case the criteria for the search is a quantity of 1000 nearest my home location. This will be know hereafter as "my 1000 circle". You also might ask why do you do this? I do this because a friend of mine does it and it seemed a great way to seek caches. I do find caches outside my 1000 circle. As far as the daily streak goes, I started that back in Aug 2012 because there is a challenge cache to find one cache on everyday of the year. It does not require you to do it for 366 days in a row, this was a twist added as a personal challenge by the cache owner and so few people seem to be doing it that it just made me want to see if I could do it. So we made it 236 days and counting. There have been days I did not want to, the 8 inches of snow at Christmas, the rain several times, the days it was getting late and I should have stayed home, etc. but I kept going with the help and motivation of thefab5willisclan and steel your cache. The text and chats have helped a lot. The 3 caches found today were removals of dnf's which are now smileys. The first one was hidden so I could not see it and had to reach in blind to get it. This cause a bouncing of the container as i pulled it out and it fell down, down, down, down all the way to the bottom of the big ditch. Drats, drats, drats, I guess I will put another container in here. I signed the new log and stashed the cache back in its home. I got to the next one and found it with no problem. I drained the water and dried out stuff, added my John Henry and dropped my wooden nickel in, then put it back and on I went. The 3rd one was fun it required me to get in between the limbs of the tree to reach the trunk. The limbs went all the way to ground level and out 10-12 feet. Once inside the workers close by had no idea I was there nor do I think they cared. I signed the log and head on down the road. Well that all for the cache adventure today.

If you have any question just send em in and I will try to answer them.

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